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FACTS AF is a daily delivery content development platform that focuses on creating sharing weird, interesting and educational facts. This Brand started in 2024 with the expressed goal of sharing interesting information for all ages. As part of our product line we have daily Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok Shorts, longer videos on Youtube and Facebook as well as a series of books in late production.  Our first book was released in May of 2024 with more coming out soon.

144+ Facts About Cute Sea Creatures

A wonderful book about cute Sea Creatures including Dolphins, Sea Bunnies, Mantis Shrimp, Porcupine Fish and More

This book explores 144+ facts about cute animals of the oceans of the world. The topics in this book include amazing images and wonderous facts about the following creatures.;

1. Mantis Shrimp
2. Broadclub Cuttlefish
3. Porcupine Fish
4. Bottlenose Dolphin
5. Nudibranch
6. Harbour Seals
7. Beluga Whale
8. Sally Lightfoot Crab
9. Green Sea Turtle
10. Leafy Sea Dragon
11. Sea bunnies
12. Sea Otters
13. Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray
14. Mandarin Fish
15. Whale Shark
16. Harp Seal
17. Manatee

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