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Meet our Managment Team

Sherry Chamberlain

CEO and Director of Marketing

With years of education and field experience I expertly work with all types, sizes and industries of business to help them develop strong marketing campaigns, plannograms and safety that will attract employees, customers and investors. When I come on site I get to know your business, its needs and market and work hands on with you to develop organic growth while optimizing processes.


Sheridan College - Visual Merchandising

St Clair College - Animation

Corporate Management and Leadership Training from some of Canada's top brands

Numerous Specialty Training Certificates and Diplomas

Joint Health and Safety

Areas of Expertise:

Retail Merchandising and Marketing, Warehouse and Supply Chain and Health and Safety.


Visual design, Concept Art, Merchandising, Planogramming, Marketing, Heart, Project Management, Research and Development, Painting and Additive Manufacturing.

Zander Chamberlain

Director of Manufacturing

Zander is an expert in Manufacturing, Design and Maintenance in almost every medium and environment. His extensive experience in Machining, Tool Making, Advertising and Sale, Advanced Manufacturing Techniques and Industrial Business Management allow him to analyze and adapt to any situation or environment. If you are trying to increase production, technology or market reach … or all of the above, then Zander is on your team.


St Clair - General Machinist 429A

Red Seal Certification 429A

Electrical Mechanical Engineering Technician

Numerous Trades Licenses and Diplomas

Joint Health and Safety

First Aid


Design, Engineering, Machining, Assembly and fixturing, Additive Manufacturing, Automation Development and Design, Machine Manufacturing, Advertisement and Promotional Manufacturing and so much more.

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