Meet our Managment Team

Sherry Chamberlain

CEO and Director of Art

A long time ago at a college far, far away! Sherry began to hone the skills that would make her a wonderful artist, the project leadership and planning that would lead to a small but hardy marketing company. In the beginning of the business there was just Sherry, she handled sales, design, execution, billing and customer follow ups. Sherry is still the heart and soul of our operation. Her decisive leadership has taken us from a visual merchandising company to an all around art and marketing super power.


Sheridan College - Visual Merchandising

St Clair College - Animation

Skills: Visual design, Concept Art, Merchandising, Marketing, Heart, Project Managment, Research and

Development, Painting and Additive Manufacturing.

Zander Chamberlain

Director of Manufaturing

Zander has spent over 13 years working in every facet of manufacturing. Starting off as a laborer and assembler, Zander worked his way up using hard work and study teaching Machining, EDM and Additive Manufacturing at a professional level. Over the last 6 years Zander has led several Research and Development and Continuous Improvement Initiatives both within 3DAF and  working with our industry partners. He is a man without limits.


St Clair - General Machinist 429A

Red Seal Certification 429A

Electrical Mechanical Engineering Technician 


Design, Engineering, Machining, Assembly and fixturing, Additive Manufacturing,Automation Process, Machine Manufacturing and so much more.


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