Introducing 3D Additive Fabrication

Modern Solutions for Modern Problems

At 3D Additive Fabrication, we work with our global customers to design, develop and manufacture tailored solutions to complex manufacturing problems. We utilize 3D printing for prototyping and short run production with full access to larger production options including CNC Machining, Injection Molding and Custom Manufacturing.

Studio Services

3D Additive Fabrication provides companies with design research and problem-solving services for their products. I also offer seminars and workshops for employees at institutions and corporations to help develop their creative design thinking. From concept to reality, I’m here to help you with your industrial design needs.

Ideation Sketching

From Concept to Execution

Digital Prototyping

Ideas Turned Into Reality

Product Design

Ensuring Your Success

Contact Me

1-1462 Pelletier St Windsor Ontario N9B 1S1


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