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December 2017

This wonderful piece of 3D art is one of our original collection pieces. Designed, developed, printed and hand painted this project has been the cornerstone of our artistic offerings.


Transparent Dicetowers

January 2018

As we continued to refine our skills in additive arts and consumer projects we created several lines of gaming Dicetowers which have been in steady production since mid 2018!

Super Dicetowers

January 2020

Using what we have learned in our projects we developed multi-internal channel Dicetowers in a variety of shapes and forms!


Face Shields and PPE

February 2020

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started we have shifted over production to answer the medical PPE needs of Canada and the world. Our first commercial project is our 3DAF Face Shield which is a free to share 3D printable Face shield. To date we have donated over 500 units with sales starting on 4/24/2020


Latest Projects

Our latest group of projects have brought us all over the market from testing the new 32 bit motherboard for our in home designed "Centurion" 3D printers to a giant Rancor Commission for a customer, straight on through to a replacement light diffuser for a Canadian Municipality. What will we work on next??

Gravenhurst tryshot.jpg

Light Diffuser - For Canadian Township

July 2020

Giant Rancor Head - Commision

In Progress


Centurion - First in house designed 3D Printer build

August 2020

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