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3D Additive Fabrication Incorporated has been providing clients with creative industrial design services, artistic , marketing and merchandising products since 2010. Our key focus is on artistic and marketing projects that require intricate details, flawless presentation and mass manufacturing with hands on artistic design. Regardless the size, scale or budget we are always open to see what we can do to help you achieve your goals.


History - The Early Years

In our early days we focused primarily on visual marketing and product design which slowly and stably grew our market to were we are today. Over the past decade we have taken on a wide variety of products and enhanced our skills, staff and equipment to be able to approach modern challenges. During this time we worked primarily with small and medium sized Canadian businesses helping with local marketing and specialized visaul merchandising projects including custom window displays, window painting and marketing drives. During this time we constantly expanded our manufacturing capabilities to make more intricate, realistic and catchy media for our customers.

The 2010's

Over the course of 2010-2019 we continued to expand our business by investing in talent development and manufacturing resources adding amazing new technologies including machining, prototyping, short run production plastics, technical advising and so much more. In this great time of growth for our company we had no shortage of customers with amazing ideas that we were able to help make. Towards the end of the 20 teens we broke into the additive art market and machined design and fabrication allowing us to increase our productivity and expand our market share in the industry.


The 20's and Covid 

The 2020's have been interesting here at 3DAF Inc with continual market growth and new technologies. During the early part of the is decade we have broken out from being a small sole proprietorship into a small corporation with customers in over 30 countries on 5 contents. With our industry experience we have been taking on more advisory role within the industry offering consultations, guest lecturing at Universities and working with a variety of government organizations and programs. 

In 2020

  • Joined NGEN as part of the Southwestern Ontario. Manufacturing Supercluster.

  • MDEL Class 1 Medical Device Distribution and Manufacturing licence.

  • Volunteered our service to fight Covid-19 with the Canadian Federal Government and all Provincial Governments.

  • Developed 3 Intellectual Properties.

  • Developed manufacturing plans to fabricate 50,000 units in the next 6 months. 

  • We doubled our machining capability!

  • Changed business structure from a Sole Proprietorship to a Federal Corperation.

  • Joined the Windsor Essex Chamber of Commerce

  • Joined the Automobility Program

Covid-19 Response

During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic 3D Additive Fabrication has answered the Canadian Governments "Call to Action" designing and supplying custom design and manufactured solutions. To date, 3D Additive Fabrication has proposed 3 manufacturing plans with several branches of Government and Private Companies to aid in the response to Covid-19. As the pandemic continues we will continue to innovate and manufacture products to help our fellow citizens.

Over the course of the process we have received our MDEL Class 1 Medical Device Distribution and Manufacturing licence. With this new certification we are developing Medical Equipment Manufacturing plans. On April 1st, 2020 we released our first medical device produced in Canada. This unit is a face shield designed to protect against mucus projection while working with people infected with Covid-19. Stay tuned as we will have more products and innovations comming out soon.

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